Real Estate

Tatarsky Law represents a wide array of clients in real estate matters, including commercial property owners, builders, property managers, business owners, and homeowners associations. Kathleen Tatarsky routinely represents clients in a real estate issues involving:


* Easements and Subordinate Rights: preparing easements, rights of way, covenants, and other types of development related documents.

* Financing Packages: review and negotiation of acquisition, development and construction financing packages.

* Private Water and Sewer Companies: preparing documentation related to deferred water and sewer facilities and charges, including declarations and disclosures for home purchasers.

* Commercial Transactions, Contracts and Closings: conducting closings, handling transactions and drafting and reviewing contracts for commercial real estate transactions.

* Title Analysis and Counsel: reviewing title and consulting with our clients on title problems and issuing title commitments and policies.

* Acquisition and Development Contracts: drafting and negotiating sale, purchase and development contracts for land, buildings and subdivided lots.

* Consumer Sales Contracts and Concerns: drafting master sales contracts for use by builders for eventual sales to consumers; assisting our builder and developer clients in resolving consumer concerns and problems.

* Environmental Permits and Land Use: obtaining the environmental permits necessary for development and representing clients before zoning board and other land use regulators.

* Lease Issues and Negotiations: negotiating, drafting and reviewing all types of commercial and business leases.





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